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So now that we know 2023 is the last we’ll see of Ted and the Greyhounds, I’ve got my own problems with Ted Lasso’s current run, creatively, but I leave that to people smarter and more insightful than me to pick apart. All this is to say, though, that there’s enough similarity here to suspect Ted Lasso wants to do the same thing with AFC Richmond, a club that seems designed to be comparatively around the same size and stature as Leicester, with a just-as-unlikely mountain to climb.


After going their first six matches unbeaten, Ranieri gave an interview to Gary Lineker, a longtime Leicester fan and the host of Match Of The Day, Britain’s most quintessential football show. “We just want to play well and stay in the Premier League,” Ranieri said. “So that’s it, then? Not Europa League? Not Champions League?” Lineker asked, referring to the prestigious European competitions for teams who finish in the Top 4 (Champions League) or 5 (Europa League). Ranieri laughed. “Thank you Gary, but it’s not possible.” By the end of Ted Lasso, Richmond may very well do the unthinkable, but it’s thanks to Leicester City that it’s no longer the impossible.