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Difficult People has been ruthlessly calling out Kevin Spacey for years

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We’ve already touched on Seth MacFarlane’s long-running penchant for calling out some of Hollywood’s not-so-secret secrets. At an Oscars nomination ceremony in 2013, he alluded to Harvey Weinstein’s predatory behavior, and a Family Guy joke from 2004 hinted at Kevin Spacey’s supposed taste for (much) younger men (there’s also this American Dad crack from 2009).

Turns out he wasn’t the only one blowing the proverbial dog whistle, as any fan of Hulu’s hilarious Difficult People is well aware of Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s relentless digs at the Oscar-winning actor, who was recently accused of sexual assault by multiple parties. And while some of their jokes have a more general air, others point to a knowledge of Spacey’s predatory nature. See a supercut of each Spacey reference from the show below.

The most revealing dig comes from Eichner, who in one episode uttered the following: “Maybe I should just give up trying to find love. I’m going to go the Kevin Spacey route: Just stop trying to be a human being, focus on getting famous, and then after I get my own Netflix show, focus all of my frustrations on a boyfriend young enough to be my own son.” That’s really, weirdly specific, right?


Eichner wasn’t silent about Spacey’s “apology,” either, which was accompanied by the actor’s first acknowledgement that he is gay. He let it rip in a series of tweets the night Spacey spoke on the allegations.

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