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Disney debuts new Mary Poppins Returns trailer at the Oscars

Mary Poppins Returns will be a huge focus for Disney this Christmas, a remake of one of its most beloved classics with Emily Blunt bravely taking on the iconic title role for which Julie Andrews won her Oscar in 1965. The brief promo that Disney pushed early on in the Oscars teased a slightly longer trailer online, which gives you a whole 90 seconds of pre-Poppins goodness.

Like the aired version, this trailer only offers of hints as to what whimsical loftiness may lie ahead, but brings us a notable throwback to the first film’s climactic kite scene. Best of all, there’s Lin-Manual Miranda in the role of Jack, reworking Dick Van Dyke’s role in the original as Bert. Miranda doesn’t speak in the trailer, but we are fervently hoping that he leaves the original’s disastrous Cockney accent alone.


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