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Domino's and Ford want to make pizza delivery drivers obsolete

Photo: Joe Raedle /Getty Images

In what’s sure to be a devastating blow to the “hot ‘n’ spicy pizza guy” subgenre of pornography (which we’re not convinced is still a thing, but can’t really search from the office), Bloomberg reports that Domino’s and Ford are testing out driverless pizza delivery in Ann Arbor, Michigan. For the time being, the autonomous-capable Ford Fusion delivering the pies will still have a human behind the wheel, as the technology isn’t quite there yet. Instead, the purpose of the test is to “examine how customers react” to having to come outside and get their pizza from a locked compartment in the car rather than just answering the door. Depends on how high you are, we suppose.

The irony of this particular program being piloted in Ann Arbor should be noted, as Michigan is a state severely impacted by the loss of manufacturing jobs at major car companies like Ford that once formed the backbone of the state’s economy. In the absence of such work, many people have turned to low-paying service industry positions—like, oh, delivering pizzas—to make ends meet. Now those jobs are being rendered obsolete as well. As for driving Uber, Ford says it hopes to get its driverless cars on the road by 2021.


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