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Enjoy a starstruck Keanu Reeves fawning over Sonny Chiba

Keanu Reeves (Photo: Tony Barson/WireImage/Getty Images) and Sonny Chiba (Photo: Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images).

Japanese action star Sonny Chiba is cool as snow and cold as ice. Keanu Reeves, while known for his onscreen portrayals of emotionless men, is decidedly less so.

Consider, for example, this clip shared by Twitter’s Bianca Xunise, of Reeves enjoying a surprise visit from Chiba on a Japanese talk show, just moments after he describes how much he respects the martial artist and actor to the host:


The entire clip, which features a starstruck Reeves trying to keep it together while talking to the Karate Warrior himself, is good, but it really turns into something special around the time Reeves and Chiba start exchanging examples of high kicks—a moment captured in distressingly low resolution in the below tweet.

Chiba, for his part, seems pretty happy to talk shop with Reeves, too. He compliments John Wick and seems genuinely into meeting its star. This must be almost too much to bear for Reeves who, for the entire duration of the clip, looks as if his heart is about to explode from joy.


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