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Even Build-A-Bear is getting in on the Black Panther hype

Black Panther (Photo: Marvel/Disney)

Black Panther has already sped past multiple pre-sales records and trounced the Rotten Romatoes’ scores of every other Marvel film. And now the film and lead character, played by Chadwick Boseman, have entered the hall of (stuffed) heroes: Build-A-Bear has added a Black Panther bear to its Marvel lineup.

(Screenshot: Build-A-Bear site)

Like all his fellow Avengers, Black Panther is in full costume for this furry homage, though this version of his vibranium suit is decidedly more huggable. The brown-eyed toy is for sale ahead of the movie’s opening weekend, along with many MCU characters, including Black Widow and Iron Man. There are also Star-Lord, Thor, and Gamora dolls, in case you (or your kids) want to act out the Avengers: Infinity War trailer.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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