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Fargo and What We Do In The Shadows will return to FX in April

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American Horror Story getting more new seasons may be the most surprising story to come out of FX’s Television Critics Association presentation today (that well will apparently never run dry), but it’s not the only bit of news that FX boss John Landgraf had to share. He also dropped premiere dates for a whole bunch of new and returning FX shows, including the highly anticipated new seasons of vampire comedy What We Do In The Shadows and formerly movie-related crime anthology Fargo.


This is the Chris Rock season of Fargo, with the new plot centering around a war between two crime families in Kansas City (one Black, one Italian), and its first two episodes will premiere on FX on April 19. In addition to Rock, it’ll feature Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Andrew Bird, Uzo Aduba, and Timothy Olyphant. We know less about the new What We Do In The Shadows, but it will premiere on April 15 (anything else you’re supposed to remember for that day?) and it’ll probably be about funny vampires doing funny vampire stuff.

Also on FX in the next few months, we’ll have Martin Freeman’s Breeders premiering on March 2, new comedy series Dave premiering on March, Alex Garland’s trippy-looking limited series Devs coming on March 5, the new season of Better Things coming also on March 5, the weirdo comedy short series Cake also coming on March 5 (but on FXX, not the regular network), and then FX’s first new documentary series The Most Dangerous Animal Of All coming on March 6. (It’s about a man who suspects that his father was the Zodiac Killer, notthe thrill of hunting people for sport in the jungle.)

April will be a little quieter, partially because we already talked about Fargo and What We Do In The Shadows. On April 15, they’ll be joined by Cate Blanchett’s Mrs. America. Hey, remember when TV was for TV actors, not movie actors? Anyway, May will see the return of Archer, which will start its 11th season on FXX on May 6th. Maybe some movie actors will show up as cartoons?