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It sure seems like Florence Pugh was supposed to be in Ted Lasso

Life doesn't write itself, the people on Twitter do

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh
Photo: Kate Green (Getty Images)

Here’s a sentence that if you said aloud five years ago would essentially amount to gibberish: The ever-expanding Don’t Worry Darling drama universe now includes a rumored Ted Lasso scene featuring none other than Florence Pugh. (For a primer on why this would ever matter to someone besides a Florence Pugh Updates account, our Venice recap is a good place to start.)

In a photo that’s since gone viral on Twitter, Pugh can be seen sitting at a picnic table with cameras trained on her. Really there’s little indication of where the photo takes place—but naturally, the internet at large has refused any explanation other than gleefully overdramatized fate. User @weltonsboys shared the photo to Twitter Tuesday morning alongside the caption: “i wish they kept florence pughs cameo in ted lasso just to add another layer to all the drama happening rn.”


Less relevant to all the fanfare than Ted Lasso itself is that the beloved series has been a star vehicle for, and a central tenet of, Olivia Wilde’s former partner Jason Sudeikis’ post-Saturday Night Live career. Among the many explosive scenarios that fans think possibly went down on the Don’t Worry Darling set is a romance between Wilde and Styles that added to the tension between the director and Pugh. If (and it’s a big if) that’s the case, a Ted Lasso cameo from Pugh being part of the dramatic history certainly adds a life-writes-itself moment (or more aptly, a Twitter-writes-life moment.)

Neither Pugh nor Sudeikis have shared statements on whether or not the deleted scene is fact or fiction, but both actors have remained overtly, even pointedly, mum on the Don’t Worry Darling fanfare. Now if only this new twist in the tale involved Harry Styles spitting on Chris Pine, perhaps the world could finally get some cold, hard answers.