Fox News, bastion of clear thought and journalistic integrity, has been duped by that viral image of a shark swimming along a flooded highway in Houston. And, like your least favorite aunt forwarding email chains full of misattributed quotes in a rainbow of text colors, host Jesse Watters is taking the disinformation as a sign of the apocalypse to come.


The video, taken from a recent Fox News segment, shows Watters astounded at the doctored photo, which, for him, threatens to undermine the thin shred of reality he still clings to. “I saw a shark on a highway, swimming in the water,” he says.

“Like Sharknado,” his offscreen co-host offers. “Like Sharknado,” sage Watters agrees.

Not content only to compare what, if real, would certainly be far less threatening to the fabric of society than wind-assisted shark attacks, Watters goes on to call the ongoing disaster in Houston “biblical.”


It’s a pretty perfect summation of the Fox News ethos, distilled into a neat 30 seconds: misunderstanding of popular culture and alarmist reporting mixed with off-the-cuff religious references to completely ignore the real problems behind an important news story, all presented by an oblivious numbskull.

[via Mashable]