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(Photo: Fox, Kevin Estrada)

New Fox comedy series Ghosted stars reliably funny people Adam Scott and Craig Robinson as paranormal investigators fumbling their way through a jokey take on The X-Files, but the best thing anyone can really say about the show is that it’s mostly fine. Fox is apparently a little disappointed in the show as well, but not enough to squander its wonderful premise. So, while the network has decided to give Ghosted six more episodes, Deadline says it’s also replacing original showrunner Kevin Etten with Paul Lieberstein, a veteran of The Office.

Lieberstein is also the guy who played Toby Flenderson, Scranton’s most beloved HR rep, and his experience on The Office will presumably come in handy as Deadline also says Ghosted might be retooled into more of a workplace comedy. We don’t really know what that might look like, beyond fewer storylines involving Scott and Robinson going out and running into crazy supernatural stuff, but Deadline does suggest that this new version might be more grounded—or at least as grounded as a funny take on The X-Files can be.


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