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Futurama is coming back again, for a single, audio-only episode

(Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Good news, everybody: Futurama announced another one of its surprise returns from the grave this week, with Deadline reporting that a 42-minute, audio-only episode of the show will soon be available online. Created in association with the Futurama mobile game, Worlds Of Tomorrow, the radio play was written by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and will air on the Nerdist Podcast on September 14.

Fitting its format, the episode—which was pitched to Groening and Cohen by Nerdist mastermind Chris Hardwick—will center on podcasting itself, with the Planet Express crew facing off against a villain (voiced by Hardwick) who’s constructed from the 21st century’s cast-off audio files. You can hear a preview of the episode—featuring Billy West, John DiMaggio, Phil LaMarr, and Maurice LaMarche—right here, via SoundCloud (and courtesy of USA Today):


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