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Galavant heroically leaps into the fray, gets canceled by ABC

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The medieval musical voices of Galavant have been permanently silenced after two seasons, as ABC has thrown the show’s lifeless remains onto the old corpse wagon alongside Castle, The Muppets, Nashville, Agent Carter, and The Family. The satirical period piece starred Joshua Sasse as the eponymous hero, and it was clear that the show’s days were numbered from earlier today when Sasse’s No Tomorrow got picked up by The CW. This Variety article on the cancelation says Galavant’s issues went back further than that, though, as even its second-season renewal came as a bit of a surprise to people who knew how poor its ratings have always been—not to mention how narrow the appeal of a musical comedy about knights and stuff is. Still, the show had its fans, and its second (now final) season actually managed to go to some unexpected places. Galavant wasn’t the biggest show to go down in the cancellation wave today, but it was probably the weirdest. That counts for something.