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Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

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In the spirit of selfishness and indulgence that characterizes the Christmas season, we're knocking off early and calling it a holiday. Yes, it's time for the annual announcement of reduced hours here at The A.V. Club, in which we drive out of sight, saying happy non-denominational holidays to all, and to all a good night: Newswire, along with several other sections on the site, is going on vacation. We have literally already popped champagne here at the office. We're out.


But as always, we leave you with plenty of gifts to open in our absence: our Best (and Worst) of TV coverage, including breakdowns of the year's best episodes, some of which come from shows other than Breaking Bad; similar best-ofs for comics and books, which are those things printed on paper that have nothing to do with Breaking Bad; Nathan Rabin's My Year Of Flops entry on Garry Marshall's timely seasonal folly, New Year's Eve, a film that will make you feel kind of okay about your holiday loneliness; an interview with director David Chase that is not just the question, "So, did Tony Soprano die or what?" repeated over and over; HateSong editions with Andy Summers and Frank Turner; and even some TV Club reviews here and there. Of course, should anything major happen in the news that we know you'll want to talk about, someone will step in to cover it. But otherwise—and provided this apocalypse thing continues to not pan out—we'll see you in 2013. It will be the future!

And on this, my rare occasion to say something personal and mawkish, let me offer another sincere thanks to you for reading. Every day it's my unbelievable privilege to survey the genuine accomplishments of other people, then construct increasingly absurdist, often-indulgent ways in which to use them in order to amuse myself. That so many return, day after day, to read them is nothing short of a miracle to me, and I thank you, as always, for your patronage and enabling. I look forward to doing more of that for you in the New Year. Happy holidays, everybody.