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Harvey Weinstein can’t even pretend to give a shit about sex rehab

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As the allegations and criminal investigations continue to mount against Harvey Weinstein, the producer/predator is currently seeking “help” with his ostensible “sex addiction” in an Arizona rehab facility. But a report from Page Six suggests that Weinstein may be resisting even this, most performative act of therapy, taking the whole thing about as seriously as, say, consent.

According to sources at the outpatient clinic—where Weinstein, committed to changing his behavior patterns, drops in after spending his nights in a luxury hotel—Weinstein has been derailing group therapy sessions with his belligerent rants about “how this is all a conspiracy against him,” insisting “he never raped or assaulted anyone, and that all the encounters were consensual.” That Weinstein continues to downplay or outright dismiss the more than 40 women who have now accused him of sexual harassment or assault isn’t a surprise to anyone who’s followed this story, or are generally familiar with sexual abusers. Still, there seems to be some dispute over the exact level of Weinstein’s apathy.

One source claims he showed up 15 minutes late to a session, hijacked it with his deflecting rambles, then promptly fell asleep while others were talking, awakened only by the ringing of his smuggled cell phone—which he then immediately answered. But another source denies that report, saying Weinstein actually turned over his phone to the therapist, and that he’s maintained he’s not a rapist in a slightly different manner. And really, who would believe a story about Harvey Weinstein nodding off during an important meeting every time you hear it?

Anyway, whatever the exact mien of Weinstein’s patently not giving a shit, all sources seem to agree that he is now no longer attending group sessions “for obvious reasons.” But rest assured that Harvey Weinstein is still receiving treatment from an individual therapist, and he remains committed to going through the motions of getting the help that his lawyer says he needs.