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Hello, here are Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rapping

Regurgitating pop songs in some semi-comic fashion is the new go-to for lazy brand marketers—sweet Jesus, how many times did we have to endure that “Sweet Caroline” traffic jam abomination—but, hey, turns out the gimmick actually works when you pony up for some top-tier talent.

We got our first glimpse of that talent a week ago, when Doritos posted the above video of acclaimed thespians Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage squaring off. The next day, another video surfaced of the pair practicing tongue twisters with Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes egging them on.

Now, the finished products—both of which will air during the Super Bowl—have arrived, and, as you might’ve guessed from the teasers, they embody that simple, reliably amusing premise: Big stars lip-syncing a song that seems out of their wheelhouse. Freeman has a go at Elliott’s “Get Ur Freak On,” and, though his sultry performance is on point, it’s Elliott’s ice queen ensemble that enraptures.


But then there’s Dinklage, looking more Targaryen than Lannister as he spits literal and figurative fire with Busta’s breakneck verse from Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.” And, well, see for yourself.

But maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised? Dinklage was the frontman of forgotten ‘90s rap-rockers Whizzy, and, after this performance, one can only assume he was the band’s Mike Shinoda.

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