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Here are all of the food pun restaurant names that didn't make it into last night's The Good Place

Mmm, chowder fountain. (Photo: Colleen Hayes/NBC)

NBC’s The Good Place is on a roll right now, topping a great season premiere last week with an even more ambitious and crazy episode that aired last night. At the risk of getting into spoiler territory, though, “Dance Dance Resolution” also required the show’s writers—in this case, Megan Amram—to come up with a lot of ideas for punny restaurant names to go in the show’s background, as the neighborhood’s dish of choice constantly shifted amidst the chaos.

But while we all got treated to such culinary delights as “Sushi And The Banshees,” “You Do the Hokey Gnocchi and You Get Yourself Some Food,” and “Knish From a Rose,” it turns out Amram had a lot more in the tank. Not wanting that evil genius to be wasted, she tweeted out the full list from her original outline last night, and it’s a real doozy of food-based celebrity names, elaborate word play, and just outright wonderfully dumb jokes.


When it comes to dinner—or just truly awful puns—it’s hard to pick just one. But we can’t help but be partial to some of Amram’s creations; “The Maize Runner” and “Yeast Infectch-yum” are especially painful, while it might be nice to get a bite of cheese at “Fondue Diligence” or “A Queso The Mondays.”

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