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Here's a game called "Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming back"

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Promising to liberate us all from the dull existence of ordinary objects being used for their actual purpose, their potential as comic props sadly unexplored, improv show Whose Line Is It Anyway? is reportedly due for another comeback. News of the revival first surfaced with this rather blasé tweet from Colin Mochrie, whose fellow mainstay Ryan Stiles confirmed in a recent interview that he’d soon be heading back to Los Angeles with “the old cast” for another go at the series beginning in April, though exactly who’s in that “old cast” isn’t yet clear.


One person who apparently definitely won’t be back is Drew Carey, as according to Stiles, this newest incarnation would find Aisha Tyler taking over hosting duties for Carey (who in turn took over for original British host Clive Anderson) in what is apparently news to Drew Carey, as his representatives tell Entertainment Weekly they’ve heard nothing about any of this. There’s similarly no word yet on Wayne Brady’s possible involvement—though, like Carey, he’s already plenty busy with his own daytime hosting duties. In the meantime, Splitsider adds that Stiles will be bringing in new actors from his improv school The Upfront Theater, while the show has also apparently been auditioning people through the Upright Citizens Brigade. Also in the meantime, Greg Proops hasn’t said a damn thing yet.

EW points out that it’s also still unclear which network will be airing this, given that the interview with Stiles claims the new Whose Line will air on the “the Warner Bros. channel”—which doesn’t technically exist anymore—and its previous home ABC, where the US version ran for eight seasons, doesn’t seem to be involved. But then, all these skeptical responses are breaking the first rule of improv, which is always saying, “Yes, and…” to the basic premise that Whose Line is coming back, then working in a joke about the nearest bald guy.

UPDATE: No sooner had we posted this than The CW issued a press release confirming that Whose Line would indeed air on the network this summer, with Tyler, Mochrie, Stiles, and, yes, Wayne Brady all confirmed to appear in every episode alongside special guest comics. So that game's all settled then. Now we move on to "Scenes From A Hat."