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Here's Ian MacKaye, just chilling at the Juggalo March

Not this. This is the Dischord office. (Photo: Saul Loeb/Getty Images)

Now that Juggalos have gone from national laughingstocks to left-wing darlings, it makes sense that such an eminent punk-rock personage as Dischord Records’ Ian MacKaye would be eager to get involved with the grassroots movement that produced this past weekend’s Juggalo March on Washington. Either that, or his home in Washington, D.C. is a short bike ride away, and he was curious as the rest of us to see if the expected confrontation between Juggalos and Trumpsters was going to go down. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t. The two groups were kept separated, and the Juggalos far outnumbered the Trump fans.)


Either way, MacKaye was there, on his bike, wearing a not-un-Juggaloesque jaunty red hat and cargo shorts whose pockets were overstuffed with...something. Faygo offerings for his Juggalo comrades, perhaps? Faygo is vegan, although it’s also corporate: The Detroit-based company is owned by Florida-based soda conglomerate National Beverage Company, which also owns LaCroix.

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