The finale of iZombie’s first season seemed to promise big changes for the status quo of Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright’s brain-spattered CW show, with Liv Moore (Rose McIver, still bearing her character’s aggressively punny name with pride) being outed as an undead to her nearest and dearest, and David Ander’s slimy brain-dealer Blaine having his plans thrown into disarray. But the teaser for the show’s second season doesn’t look like much of a departure from the first, instead offering more of the same: More weird quirks picked up by eating people’s brains, more murder investigations, and of course, more Steven Weber.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that; the new season looks just as fun as the first, which overcame its gut-wrenchingly awful title to become one of the year’s most enjoyable surprises. Plus, any series that continues to give David Anders sarcastic things to say to people is going to get our vote to keep doing what it’s doing for as long as it can. We’ll see how long that is when iZombie returns next month.