Shiv (Sarah Snook) is torn between her brother and her father, as she tries to decide who will undoubtedly give her more power when they have control over Waystar Royco. Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) appears to dish out some degrading sarcasm and, once again, shoot down Shiv’s quest for power. All of the Roys—even the menial Connor (Alan Ruck)— must decide who they’re going to stand beside in the oncoming battle for the family legacy. In typical fashion, the family coward Tom (Matthew Macfayden) and the jester Greg (Nicholas Braun) bicker and duke it out amongst each other, with Wambsgans throwing every horrible word he can muster at Cousin Greg. With no wife and the betrayal of Cousin Greg, the most unhinged Wambsgan is yet to come, as he throws desks and bangs on his chest in the teaser. Oh, and Kendall Roy? He’s as smug and self-important as ever.

The Roys unleash their most heinous insults, seeking to manipulate and extort advantages from one another. Ah, it’s good to be around family again.


If all the drama doesn’t do enough to pull you in, the official reappearance of Nicholas Brittell’s soundtrack might do the trick.

The new season of Succession premieres on HBO and streams on HBO Max this fall.