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Jack Black and Nick Jonas wrote a wonderfully shitty Jumanji theme song

Tenacious D, the weirdo rock act Jack Black fronts alongside Kyle Gass, hasn’t put out an album since 2012's Rize of the Fenix. Well, that might be because he’s found a replacement for Gass in Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle co-star Nick Jonas. Despite the action comedy having posited Guns ‘N Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” as its theme song, the duo paired up for an original cut that’s both distinctly Black-ian while also being very, very awful.

Of course, it’s purposefully so, which the accompanying video’s delightful, jungle-themed animations make abundantly clear. And while lunkheaded lyrics like “Ju-man-ji, it’s the jungle inside your soul” are funny, the real laughs here come from Jonas firing a growling jaguar head from his palm.


Be sure to stick around afterwards for the befuddled reactions from the pair’s costars. “Is it finished?” Karen Gillen generously asks. Kevin Hart is less ambiguous about his feelings. And Dwayne Johnson, ever amiable, says he “kinda liked it.” Let us not forget, however, that The Rock also probably “kinda liked” The Tooth Fairy when he signed onto it.

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