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James Gunn's Starsky And Hutch does a cool powerslide into Amazon Prime

(Photo: Getty Images, Albert L. Ortega)

A week ago, we reported that James Gunn was moving from spacey Marvel adventures to a ‘70s TV adventure, with him signing on to develop, co-write, and possibly direct a revival of classic buddy cop show Starsky And Hutch. Now, The Hollywood Reporter says that Amazon has picked up the project, giving it a “script-to-series commitment.” That basically means that the streaming service/unstoppable retail monster wants to see a script, and it’ll give Gunn a series order if the script is good.

Along with that news, we also have some new information about Gunn’s vision for the show. Apparently, he came up with the idea while working on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, and he’s now writing it with his brother Brian and cousin Mark. Billed as a “continuation” of the original show, the new Starsky And Hutch will be a “character-driven drama that deconstructs the buddy cop genre in the same way that Gunn did with sci-fi and Guardians of the Galaxy.”


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