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Jimmy Kimmel improves Justice League by adding Ruth Bader Ginsburg

As Justice League debuts in theaters, comic book fans are gearing up to finally see all their favorite DC heroes team up to fight a big, CGI baddie. But which of these memorable characters will moviegoers be most drawn to? Batman, the self-appointed champion of the 1 percent? The fast-talking, slightly faster-running Flash? The Fox Sports NFL robot-looking guy with the red eye? There’s almost too many to choose from. For Jimmy Kimmel, the choice is clear. The ultimate Justice League member is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“The [superhero] I’m most excited to see is the oldest one, the one whose origin story began in the Supreme Court,” said Kimmel as he introduced a new and improved version of the Justice League trailer on Jimmy Kimmel Live, one that prominently features the 84-year-old Associate Justice. While Wonder Woman, Superman, and Aquaman face off against an endless parade of Parademons, Ginsburg slowly shuffles across the screen and offers up some helpful anecdotes about all the Strom Thurmond keychains she owns. But the Supreme Court Justice really proves herself as the champion of left-leaning judicial branch enthusiasts everywhere when she dispatches Ciaran Hinds’ Steppenwolf by limply tossing her gavel in his general direction. It’s difficult to imagine the actual Justice League movie will top that climax, but hopefully producers will learn from this missed opportunity and get at least a Sonia Sotomayor cameo in the next installment.

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