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John Travolta and Fred Durst, working together at last

Photo: Emma McIntyre (Getty Images), Chiaki Nozu (Getty Images)

We’re happy to report that two of the shining stars of the American screen—actor John Travolta, and rock-rapping Bizkit man Fred Durst—have finally decided to put their differences aside and collaborate. Variety reports that the two men will be teaming up for Moose, Durst’s latest directorial effort.

Travolta will play the titular Moose, a stalker based on Durst’s own experience with dangerously obsessive fans. In this case, his criminal interest will be focused on a rising action star (Devon Sawa) and not the man who introduced America to the all-consuming power of the Nookie.


Travolta’s been working steadily—mostly on small-budget projects—since he had his eighth or so career renaissance as part of American Crime Story: The People Vs. O.J. Simpson. Meanwhile, we’ve occasionally checked in on Durst’s directorial sideline over the years; he’s previously worked with actors like Jesse Eisenberg and Ice Cube, as part of an ongoing effort to widen his non-Bizkit-based artistic portfolio.

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