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Jordan Peele is done with acting: "Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out"

(Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images)

Fresh off earning widespread acclaim for his directorial debut, Get Out, Jordan Peele has said that he’s pretty much done with the acting game. “That’s the idea. Daniel Day-Lewis and I are both out,” he recently joked with CBS Sunday Morning, stating that, “Acting is just nowhere near as fun for me as directing.”

Peele got his start in the world of sketch comedy, appearing on shows like MadTV, Comedy Central’s Chocolate News, and his own Key & Peele. He and his regular comedy partner, Keegan-Michael Key, made a single movie together, the crime spoof Keanu, before Peele set out to direct his extremely successful first major solo project.


Peele has acted a bit since Get Out arrived, but mostly from behind a microphone; he voiced a character in this summer’s Captain Underpants movie, and is a recurring voice on Nick Kroll’s Netflix series Big Mouth.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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