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Jordan Peele is going Nazi huntin' on TV

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Having finally acquired a fairly sizable chunk of Hollywood capital from his breakout horror film Get Out, Jordan Peele is looking to spend that shit with his return to TV. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peele has lined up his first TV project as part of a recent development deal with Sonar Entertainment, one with a decidedly political premise: hunting Nazis.

The Hunt will be set in 1970s America, as a diverse team of would-be-Simon Wiesenthals attempt to track down and kill former members of the Third Reich hiding in the country’s midst. No network is attached yet, but insiders are suggesting that Peele’s rising star, and the show’s over-the-top applicability to the current American political climate, will make it a hot commodity once it’s on the open market.


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