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Justin Timberlake might bust out a Prince hologram at the Super Bowl

(Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In what could potentially turn out to be the rare instance of a verified musical superstar being upstaged by a glowing column of light, there are rumors going around today that Justin Timberlake might pull out a hologram of Prince at tomorrow’s Super Bowl half-time show. The news comes courtesy of TMZ—hence why we’re taking it with a grain of salt—which reports that Timberlake potentially intends the hologram as a tribute to the artist in his hometown of Minneapolis, where the Big Game is being Big Played.

Of course, there were also rumors going around that Timberlake might take this opportunity to reunite with his old buddies in N’Sync (or maybe Janet Jackson), which the self-styled Man Of The Woods smacked down earlier this week, and which must have come as a real treat for Joey Fatone, eternally waiting for that particular call to come. Not that Prince would presumably be thrilled about it either; as pointed out by Huffington Post’s Jamil Smith, the artist once declared posthumous “resurrections” of a musician “the most demonic thing imaginable,” stridently decrying the practice way back in 1998


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