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Lady Bird unseats Toy Story 2 as Rotten Tomatoes' best-reviewed movie

Lady Bird (Photo: A24)

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird is quietly taking over the box office (in a way), but it’s also definitely taking over Rotten Tomatoes thanks to its 164 or so positive reviews. If that number seems oddly specific, that’s because it’s literally how many good reviews Lady Bird has on the site, breaking a record formerly held by Toy Story 2 for the most positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. Toy Story 2 got 163 in 1999, but Rotten Tomatoes notes that Lady Bird’s total will probably just keep going up from here as the movie expands out of limited release—unless it inexplicably starts getting pulled down by contrarian critics who are disappointed in its lack of Hank Hill or Lady Bird Johnson.

Lady Bird, a coming-of-age story starring Saoirse Ronan that The A.V. Club’s own A.A. Dowd said is “so funny, perceptive, and truthful that it makes most other films about adolescence look like little more than lessons in cliché.”


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