Photo: John P. Johnson/HBO

Look, we’re well aware that we’ll all own an iPhone X eventually, but its $1,000 price tag and creepy new features currently have us coddling our 7s like they’re a middle-school egg baby. So as we rest assured that our current smartphones will, like true love and teens at prom, live forever, let’s take another opportunity to laugh not just at the X’s bizarre, pointless features—go home Animoji, you’re drunk—but also Apple software chief Craig Federighi’s dopey presentation.

A new clip from Funny Or Die couches the public’s response in those of the Silicon Valley cast, whose reactions to various tech events from the show are spliced into the presentation as a means of articulating our own sense of exasperation and confusion. Federighi’s inability to have his own face recognized by the phone is elongated to cringeworthy results, as are the animated bawking and gruff neigh he gives to these uncanny Animoji. The clip hammers home how disaffecting it can be to see this incredible technology put to use making more Snapchat filters on our phones, and also how deeply Silicon Valley has subverted the real Silicon Valley’s cliches.


And anyway, The Emoji Movie sucked; enough with the emojis.