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Mad About You might also be getting a revival

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

As America continues to hurdle forward into an uncertain and largely terrifying future, the entertainment industry is continuing to assume that we’ll be more and more desperate for the comforting embrace of the TV shows from our past. The X-Files is coming back again soon, Twin Peaks and Will & Grace came back earlier this year, The Office might come back, Roseanne is coming back, and now The Hollywood Reporter says that Sony Picture Television is developing a revival of Mad About You. No network is currently attached—including NBC, the show’s original home—but Sony has had “informal talks” about bringing the show back, but nothing official has happened.

Original stars Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt are attached, and THR says that this hypothetical eighth season will be set in the present day as their characters prepare to send their now-17-year-old daughter to college. The story also points out that this will erase the original series finale, the events of which will be rendered non-canonical in the Mad About Universe—as has been the case for a lot of these revivals.


There’s no word on when this might air, but hopefully it’ll happen before people get sick of seeing new versions of things they used to like a few years ago.