Inviting you to the classiest, arthouse-iest bachelorette party ever, here is the first look at Steven Soderbergh’s much-discussed Magic Mike—or, as the YouTube clip and everyone else thereafter will refer to it, “Channing Tatum Stripper Movie.” It is, after all, the role that Tatum was made to play: The film draws from Tatum’s own past strip-mining cash out of salivating ladies, while actually requiring Tatum to spend most of the movie sans shirt, rather than exhausting itself trying to contrive reasons for it. “Awww man, I gotta get in on that,” Matthew McConaughey said and so he did, joining a similarly shirt-averse cast that also includes True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Alex Pettyfer and which somehow does not include Taylor Lautner, who must be screaming at his agent right about now.

Anyway, the trailer sets up the basic premise and breezy tone, with Tatum’s Magic Mike workin’ it with the help of Soderbergh’s stylized, freeze-frame-aided panache before some sour-faced girl arrives to say, “Hey, stripper, why are you stripping when you can also make clearly awesome coffee tables? Change for me, but not in a stripping sort of way.” So will Magic Mike cease to be Magic Mike and instead pursue a life of qualified love and designer decor? As declared by the video’s other subtitle, “Channing Tatum SEXY & SHIRTLESS,” no one really cares.