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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Mermaids, mermen, and folks who aspire to be merpeople might want to sit out Iliza Shlesinger’s newest stand-up special, Confirmed Kills. On the other hand, members of the basket of deplorables who think that half-breed fish deserve to have the piss taken out of them will be pleased, as it looks like Shlesinger has a nice, big chunk on the foibles of those who would prefer to live under the sea. In addition to her vicious takedown of Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid, she explains the etiquette of clawing for items in a giant purse and defends the bloodthirsty inner nature of grandparents against the thoughtless souls who would call them “cute.”


This is the third stand-up special the the season six Last Comic Standing winner has recorded for Netflix, after War Paint in 2013 and Freezing Hot in 2015. It was recorded in April at The Vic Theater on the north side of Chicago—where Bill Hicks, Jim Gaffigan, and Hannibal Buress had previously recorded specials—just four blocks from Lake Michigan. So, don’t be surprised the show has some cutaways to some stone-faced merpeople in the audience.

Confirmed Kills begins streaming on Netflix on September 23.

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