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Michael Rapaport dubs John Oliver a "selfish fuck" for daring to question Dustin Hoffman

(Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Placing him in the same hallowed company as accused girlfriend beater Chris Brown, Dustin Hoffman has now been vocally defended by actor Michael Rapaport, who hopped on Twitter tonight to dub comedian John Oliver a “selfish fuck” for grilling Hoffman about allegations of sexual assault that have been levied against him. Oliver questioned Hoffman about the accusations of Anna Graham Winter—who says Hoffman groped her 32 years ago, when she was 17—at an event he was moderating last night, meant to celebrate Barry Levinson’s Wag The Dog. By all accounts, Hoffman didn’t much appreciate the questioning, responding sarcastically and defensively to Oliver’s demands.


Still, that conversational pushiness doesn’t appear to have been Oliver’s worst crime, at least in the eyes of Rapaport. The White Famous star seemed especially pissed off that “this mutherfucka” referred to the Oscar-winner as “Dustin” instead of “Mr. Hoffman” during their conversation, thus violating the clear rules of respect owed to alleged sexual harassers. He also accused Oliver of not thinking enough about the ticketholders, who presumably paid to see Oliver awkwardly talk around a sexual indiscretion, so that everyone could enjoy the movie about Hollywood distracting people from a sexual indiscretion.

Twitter-wise, Rapaport’s comments are currently doing pretty poorly in terms of the “ratio,” with likes and retweets just barely keeping pace with supporters telling him that going after the beloved Oliver is a less-than-flattering take. He did pull at least one high-profile voice of support, though; Alec Baldwin’s AB Foundation retweeted Rapaport’s motherfucking comments shortly after he made them, suggesting Baldwin’s on board to see the Oliver-bashing commence.


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