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Nickelodeon is rebooting Clarissa Explains It All with Melissa Joan Hart

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Having insufficiently explained herself the first time around, Melissa Joan Hart has signed on to star in a reboot of her early ‘90s Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All. In a Fuller House-esque twist, Hart will reprise her role as Clarissa Darling, but this time around will play the mother of the family. Whether her preteen BFF Sam ended up fathering those children after continuing to climb a ladder into Clarissa’s bedroom window well into late adolescence, as well as what position her smarmy little turd of a younger brother Ferguson currently holds in Trump’s cabinet (Secretary of Commerce, maybe?), is still undetermined.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the reboot is currently in the earliest stages of development, but that series creator Mitchell Kriegman is in talks with Nickelodeon to return as a writer and executive producer alongside Hart’s Hartbreak Films banner. How much of the ‘splaining will have to do with Hart’s newfound devotion to evangelical Christianity—“Today, there are a lot of Christians being persecuted for their faith, far beyond the freedoms this country was founded on,” she told the Chicago Tribune in 2016, promoting her role in God’s Not Dead 2—is also up in the air.

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