First things first: There’s a movie called Outcast coming out. It stars Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen as a pair of soldiers returning from the Crusades. And watching the trailer for it is, naturally, a very bizarre experience.

First, there are Cage and Christensen, sporting what look like very mild mohawks and gazing boggle-eyed at scenes of 12th-century destruction. And then they’re gone, and suddenly we’re listening to Chinese actors we don’t know talk about kings and thrones and birthrights, and we’re not sure what’s happening and we’re scared. By the time Cage shows up, holding a bloodied sword, glowering at the camera from beneath a mat of dark, tangled hair, and speaking in an accent of vague origin, the movie establishes itself as one of the odder upcoming films no one’s heard of.


Outcast is an international co-production between China, Canada, and France, financed in large part by an organization called the Yunnan Group. Directed by longtime stunt coordinator, first-time director Nick Powell, Outcast may provide an actor like Cage an opportunity to export his particular brand of crazy to nations where it hasn’t yet grown thin.