(Photo: J.Vespa/Getty ImageS)

Scandal rocked the Japanese celebrity snack food industry today, when representatives for FilmNation International issued a press release denying that actor Nicolas Cage had ever given his consent to have his face used for the promotion of a tasty puffed corn treat, or that the so-called “Nicolasticks” were endorsed by Cage at all. Intended to promote Cage’s film Army Of One—or My Target, Bin Laden, as it was known overseas—the snacks “were limited in number and purely intended to be promotional items that would be supplied to movie ticket holders in three theaters,” and were not meant to suggest that Cage himself supported the manufacturer, Riska, as one might be led to believe from his big smiling face on the packaging.

“All parties responsible for the creation and announcement of this promotional product sincerely apologize for the use of Mr. Cage’s image in this manner and any harm that may have been caused to him and his image and reputation,” the statement concludes. Meanwhile, we here at The A.V. Club would like to make it clear that we never suggested Cage had endorsed the snacks—which apparently have a “corn-potage” flavor—merely stating that he had somehow become them, instead. A stupid distinction, admittedly, but one we feel weirdly attached to nevertheless.