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As one of Hollywood’s most dynamic, least predictable actors, it’s never wise to count Nicolas Cage out. Just when you think his career has finally hit an inescapable nadir, he’ll surprise you, offering up a touchingly human performance, a shocking swerve into comedy, or—as the case may be—a delicious Japanese corn treat.


This is per Kotaku, which notes that, to celebrate the Japanese release of Cage’s 2016 war satire Army Of One, he’s now been transformed into a branded snack food with a “corn potage”-like taste. Labeled with one of the least appealing images of Cage imaginable, the puffed corn treats apparently translate to “Deluxe Umaibou Nicolastick.” (Or, if you’re going by their birth name, “Deluxe Umaibou Nicolascoppolastick.”) Sadly, this Taste O’ Cage will only be available in Japan, and only for people willing to pony up to see Army Of One. We can only hope the promotion will be a success, though, because god knows we need The Rock-y Pocky and Bad Lieutenant: Port Of Call Flavor-branded seaweed snacks in our lives.

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