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Nicolas Winding Refn is launching his own streaming service

(Photo: Getty Images, Ian Gavan)

Based on his movies, Nicolas Winding Refn seems like a man with very particular tastes. Drive, for instance, seems like a straightforward car chase movie about a quiet guy in a cool jacket, but it’s more of an homage to retro European action flicks than it is an artsy take on The Fast And The Furious. For people hoping to get a deeper glimpse into some of the stuff that Refn likes, the filmmaker has decided to put together a streaming service of his very own that he’s billing as a “cultural expressway for the arts.” Housed at ByNWR.com, the site will feature a rotating selection of different kinds of movies from all over the world, with some coming from Refn’s personal collection and all curated by him and a “hand-picked cultural partner.”

This comes from Little White Lies, which happens to be one of those cultural partners. Another, writer Jimmy McDonough, will be bringing a collection called “Regional Renegades: Exploitation Gems From The Southern U.S.” that will feature titles like 1965's Nest Of The Cuckoo Birds, 1967's Shanty Tramp, and Hot Thrills And Warm Chills from that same year.


The service will be free, and it’s set to launch in February next year.

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