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Now you can binge-watch a Stranger Things after-show when you’re done with the 2nd season

Time was, when you were done with your Stranger Things binge-watch, you had to go on the internet or—shudder—outside to find someone to help you break down what you just saw. But Netflix is preempting those unwanted social interactions, offering up a new after-show to race through like so many Eggo waffles. Jim Rash hosts the new show, titled Beyond Stranger Things (because only Chris Hardwick has cornered the market on Talking), which will debut along with the second season on October 27. Netflix is already advising subscribers to wait until after they’ve made it through the nine-episode season before taking in the seven-episode after-show, to avoid spoiling the show for themselves. And with guests like the Duffer brothers and Millie Bobby Brown dropping by, Beyond Stranger Things looks to have plenty of inside info. Look for it tomorrow—but again, not until after you’ve watched Stranger Things. That should keep you away from people from a solid day, at least.


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