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...In Pulp Fiction, geez. Curbed LA has spotted a listing for a three-bedroom, two-bath, 1700-square foot house in Studio City, California that’s located on a nice, tree-lined block in a good school district, and also happened to appear in Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 Oscar winner as the home of his character “Jimmie.” (You remember, the guy in the bathrobe who drops a bunch of gratuitous n-bombs over coffee.) Looking at photos of the interior, the layout of the house and vent over the stove are still recognizable from the sequence where Harvey Keitel’s Mr. Wolf shows up to help Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta clean up after accidentally blowing poor Marvin’s brains out in the back of their car. The extremely ‘90s wallpaper in the kitchen has been taken down, though, and replaced with flipper-friendly blinding white paint.

The listing suggests that, given the desirability of the location and the small size of the house, this might make an “amazing development opportunity,” but, of course, diehard Tarantino fans are welcome to keep the place as is. But if you start complaining that you paid $1.4 million for a tract house that doesn’t even have the original ‘90s kitchen from Pulp Fiction even though the movie was mentioned prominently in the listing, don’t get indignant when your friends shrug and say, “It’s your house, motherfucker.”

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