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The female-led spin-off of the Ocean’s Eleven movies is a fairly exclusive club (well, except for all the dudes and Kardashians they’ve let in). But the limits of membership are right there in the Ocean’s Eight title—where George Clooney eventually amassed a crew of 13 in the original franchise, Sandra Bullock’s recruiting just seven other con women to pull off some caper at the Met Gala. Then again, when that team includes Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, Sarah Paulson, Mindy Kaling, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, and Awkafina, that’s probably all you need.

So you can see why Olivia Munn would go to great lengths to join the woman-led heist movie, which is due out on June 8, 2018. And the X-Men: Apocalypse actress says she did score a cameo in the Gary Ross-directed movie. But, as Munn tells Entertainment Weekly, she essentially paid her way onto the set. For a scene at the Met Gala, Munn says she was told to “do your own glam,” so she bought a dress for what’s one of the biggest annual events in the fashion industry. But when she tried to invoice the production “because I’m part of your movie,” she was told “‘Oh no, the bills come right back to you.’” So, “it actually cost me money to be part of Ocean’s Eight,” Munn says.


But sharing a credit with Bullock, Blanchett, and Rihanna was apparently worth the price of admission, as Munn tells EW she’s “just as excited about it as everybody else.” EW reached out to Warner Bros. for a comment on Munn’s sartorial anecdote, but the studio hasn’t responded to the request yet, presumably because it’s now dealing with other well-dressed actors trying to make their way into the movie.

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