Mayor Of Kingstown was co-created by Dillon and Taylor Sheridan, creator of the enormously popular Yellowstone, which became such a huge hit for the Paramount Network that it immediately eclipsed anything that had ever aired on Spike TV (which Paramount used to be before it moved away from that “TV for men” thing).

Paramount+ is presumably hoping that Sheridan can get lightning to strike twice with Mayor Of Kingstown, and the new series will premiere on Paramount+ on Sunday, November 14.


Speaking of Paramount+ and Yellowstone (and also lightning striking twice, so maybe now we’re talking about it striking thrice), the streaming service is set to get a prequel series called 1883 at some point later this year that will star Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill. Regular Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner, so what is it with Taylor Sheridan and these casts? Maybe he should save some famous people for the other shows on TV?