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Pitch mashes up Good Will Hunting and Major League in one efficient episode

Meagan Holder, Kylie Bunbury
Meagan Holder, Kylie Bunbury / Ray Mickshaw, Fox
  • Maybe the best thing about this episode was the way it kept defying expectations regarding Ginny’s acting out: She never really goes that crazy, the girl she meets is kind and normal instead of fame-hungry, and all the tough high-powered executives she spends time around respond with empathy rather than rage.
  • All that said, I hope Lyndsy Fonseca pops back up again to keep being Ginny’s friend. She’s clearly filling a need Ginny has, and it means she has at least one person in her life who isn’t a coworker or an employee.
  • Speaking of Ginny’s employee/friends, Amelia continues to be the grownup of the group. She has a lot of great moments in this episode, but maybe the highlight is her complete shutdown of Mike’s weak attempt to apologize.
  • Best way to admit that you’re pulling a plotline from Major League, right down to the position the guy plays and the injury he has? Just have him reference it.
  • Shoutout to whoever on the writing staff added that both Amelia and Ginny didn’t want an ad campaign that would hypersexualize her. Hard not to think that if this was made in the ’90s, we’d get some awful makeover montage where the tomboy learns how to become pretty.
  • Also: It’s worth commending the show for not treating a mental health issue as a simple plot device. Ginny needs help, the people around her recognize it, and everyone moves forward from there.
  • Blip and Evelyn have the same fake “whaaaat” of surprise, which is deployed to pretend they don’t know about Mike and Amelia. “What’d she do now?” “Mike Lawson.” “Whaaaat…Blip figured it out.”
  • Did we know before now that Ginny skipped college? The flashbacks have made it pretty confusing.
  • Are kids really playing Roomba beer pong now? Back in my day, we just made a little triangle of Solo cups at the end of a folding table that you’d pray was sticky from current beer and not because it had never been cleaned.
  • Really going to need to see a performance by Rick’s Prom Dress before the end of the season.