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Poor, sweet, good-hearted Jeopardy! contest confuses Jack White for Eminem

Not all Jeopardy! failures are equal. While some are negligible—one’s use of “gangster” instead of “gangsta,” for example—others are positively Turd Fergusonian. Take, for example, sweet, sweet Julie’s blunder in the above clip, which finds her confusing rapper Eminem with rocker Jack White. Had the question—Which musician has a vinyl pressing plant in their hometown of Detroit?—not included a visual component, Julie’s mix-up might have been understandable, but accompanying it was this:

Screenshot: Jeopardy!

Sure, Jeopardy! contestants aren’t necessarily renowned for their pop culture expertise, but you’ve gotta appreciate someone who thinks Eminem looks like Vincent Price’s worst son.

Of course, now we can’t stop imagining a reality where Eminem still sounds like Eminem but now looks like this:

Screenshot: Jeopardy!

Come back, Austin Rogers.

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