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(Photo: Michele K. Short/AMC)

Season two of AMC’s enthusiastically profane Preacher ended even crazier than it began, with one major character dead, another busting his way out of Hell, and God turning out to be a dude in some anonymous motel room. (Also: Hitler’s on the loose.) Now, the Seth Rogen-produced series has gotten confirmation that it’ll get to grow into something even weirder yet, with Variety confirming that the show has been picked up for a third season.


Rogen tweeted the news earlier today, along with a new poster confirming the show will be back some time next year. Meanwhile, we can only assume the series will get even more fucked up before 2018 is out, considering that Dominic Cooper’s Jesse is on his way back to his mother’s deranged family in the ominously named Angelville, pissed-off vampire frenemy Cassidy in tow.

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