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Pull up your Thinking Chairs, kids; Blue's Clues is coming back

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Delighting kids everywhere—while simultaneously threatening to consign yet another poor, doomed young actor to a lifetime of rumors about their own death in a heroin car crash body-double orgy—Nickelodeon has announced that it’s bringing back Blue’s Clues. The celebrated Nick Jr. educational program last aired new episodes back in 2006, although it continues to be a regular staple on the network’s docket of kid-friendly programming.


According to Deadline, the show will return with a “refreshed signature look,” which is presumably network-speak for “We’re going to try not to fuck up how Blue looks, but, hey, you never know.” Created by Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, and Angela Santomero—and hosted by Steve Burns, and, later, Donovan Patton—the show broke ground by eschewing the classic Sesame Street formula in favor of simple, repetitive, and clear stories, with an emphasis on verbal interactivity. The show was a ratings smash for Nick Jr., with Malcolm Gladwell devoting several parts of his bestseller The Tipping Point to analyzing its “sticky” educational nature.

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