After a teaser that called out Derek Zoolander’s intelligence and a trailer that explained the sequel’s plot, the final preview for Zoolander 2 asks you to do just on thing: Relax. Set to a cover of Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s “Relax”—the song that triggered Zoolander’s homicidal tendencies in the first film—the trailer recuts footage from the previous ads, like Justin Bieber’s narcissistic death, along with some new stuff, like Mugatu’s nefarious escape plan. Kristen Wiig’s absurd new villain gets plenty of screen time, as does Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney, who informs Derek and Hansel that they are his biggest influences outside of SpongeBob. Really, the only question that remains is whether this sequel can possibly live up to the beloved original. We’ll find out when Zoolander 2 struts into theaters on February 12.