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For a lot of people, Sam Waterston is the face of angry lawyering on TV, thanks to the 16 years (368 episodes!) he spent as quick-witted, sarcastic, occasionally furious district attorney Jack McCoy on the long-running Law & Order franchise. (Meanwhile, Michael Moriarty fans are forced to simply pick up the scraps whenever older episodes of the show get re-run on A&E.) Now Waterston is bringing Jack back, with Variety reporting that McCoy is set to appear as a guest star in an upcoming episode of NBC’s functionally unkillable Law & Order: SVU.

This isn’t the first time Waterston has appeared on the Mariska Hargitay-starring spin-off. The actor—who currently co-stars on Netflix’s Grace And Frankie—has appeared on the show as McCoy three times before, although he hasn’t made an appearance since the franchise’s mainline series went off the air in 2010. SVU returns for its 19th season next Wednesday; the air date for Waterston’s episode has yet to be announced.


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