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Sandra Bullock has been quietly donating $1 million every time there's a disaster

(Photo: Getty Images/Film Magic, Jon Kopaloff)

A lot of people and organizations have been chipping in to help the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas, and one particularly charitable famous person is Sandra Bullock, who recently donated $1 million to the American Red Cross. That’s according to People, which says that Bullock released a brief statement saying that she hopes we can rise above the current political climate and join together to help those in need. “There are no politics in eight feet of water,” she says, “there are human beings in eight feet of water.” (Bullock presumably missed Donald Trump’s hurricane response, because he seems pretty confident that there’s a ton of politics in eight feet of water.)

As it turns out, though, this is far from the first time that Bullock has used her superstar status to help people in need. As noted by E! News, Bullock has donated more than $5 million to charities and people in need over the years, including $1 million to 9/11 relief efforts, $1 million to help victims of the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, and another $1 million to the Red Cross after Hurricane Katrina. The story notes that Bullock doesn’t do it for attention, which is why she’s usually quiet about it, and in a statement Bullock says “we have to take care of one another” and that she’s “just grateful” she can do it.


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