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Snapchat to condense real murders into digestible videos for new true-crime series

Photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

True-crime stories already ride a fine line between being legitimately interesting or informative and being a gross excuse for entertainment, but the genre is going to be wavering on that line more than ever now thanks to a new Snapchat series. According to Variety, Condé Nast Entertainment is launching a six-episode true-crime series on Snapchat today called True Crime/Uncovered. The show, hosted by Samantha Miller, will condense the stories of real victims into easily digestible five-minute stories that Snapchat’s “youth-skewing user base” can quickly flip through when they’re not publicly shaming Marco Rubio (or whatever other activities young people do these days).

The first episode of the show is called “The Deadly Tinder Date,” and it’s about an Australian woman named Warriena Wright who fell to her death from a balcony in 2014 under mysterious circumstances. The second episode, available on Wednesday, is about Annie Le, a Yale grad student who was murdered five days before her wedding in 2009, and the third episode (available Friday) will be about Wisconsin’s Slender Man stabbing case, in which two 12-year-old girls almost killed their friend.


None of these stories would seem out of place on a regular true-crime show, but now they’ll be available on the app that lets you take goofy selfies with filters over your face, so that’s fun. Let’s just hope Kylie Jenner approves of this whole thing.

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